Monday, February 25, 2013

Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Collection

Hello again, today I did a lot of playing with my nails. I did four different things today, some were a fail and some were a win. I'll show you my win first because this is still on my nails! :) I was feeling "springy" since the sun was shining and snow was melting. I think this would be a cute look all by itself for Easter, but I'm thinking about adding something to it. I'll save that surprise for closer to Easter though!!

Let's start into the pictures....I'm excited to show these off!

This picture was taken with the flash on and it makes the color look almost neon.

This picture was taken with no flash and the color looks much closer to the way it actually looks on my nails.

I'll start with the color on my thumb, this is Sweet Tooth. I love this shade of purple, it's a light lavender shade. I ended up having to use 3 coats to full coverage. I had a little trouble getting it to go on smooth but, I'm going to blame that on operator error. Keep in mind this was my 4th mani for the day and I did all this using a desk lamp, my eyes were killing me.

My index finger is sporting Unicorn. It's a beautiful shade of yellow, not overpowering but not too dainty. It does go on very light so I had to do 3 coats to get good coverage, I actually considered doing another one but decided I was happy with the way it looked. This happens to be one of my hubby's favorites from this collection.

My middle finger is showing off Sugar Rush, the name sake for this collection. It's a great light blue, when I first saw it I immediately thought of blue cotton candy! This is another light color that took 3 coats to achieve full coverage.

My ring finger got the honor of wearing Sugar-N-Spice, this is one of my favorites! (Who am I kidding, I LOVE them all!!) This is a color that I describe as being a dull hot pink, if that makes any sense. This one only took 2 coats for full coverage and it went on beautifully. Sugar-N-Spice is a great shade for any age to wear, if you like pink you need this polish!

On my pinkie is Sweet Nothing. This is a pretty teal color. I only had to use 2 coats to get full coverage with this color as well. It went on smooth and evenly.

Well, there are the first 5 colors in the Sugar Rush collection. Now on to my right hand for the final 3 colors. :)

This picture was taken with the flash off. This is as close to true as I could get, my index finger is just a little darker than this appears and my middle finger is a little darker as well.

This picture was taken with the flash on. My thumb looks blue but it is has more of a purple in it than it looks, My index finger is pretty close to the actual color so is my middle finger. My ring finger and pinkie are not this dark.

On my thumb I am wearing Candy Coated, it is a bluish purple color. I got a few compliments on this one today while I was out doing my errands. This went on nicely with 2 coats, but again I was having trouble getting it to go on even. I go back to operator error because it was on both of my thumbs I had problems.

On my index finger I have Orange Cream, this color was named aptly. It is a beautiful creamy orange. It went on great with 2 coats, no problems. This was my husbands other favorite in this collection!

On my middle finger I'm wearing Cotton Candy, it does remind me a little of cotton candy but I think it's a little bit darker than that. This color again went on wonderfully with just 2 coats, no issues. (see, I think my thumbs were just because of me)

My ring finger is Sweet Nothing and my pinkie is Sugar-N-Spice, I started over since there are only 8 colors in this collection :)

Well, there are all 8 colors in the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Collection. I'm done for tonight but I will try and do more tomorrow. I will be listing all of the Sinful Colors polishes I got last week from Walgreens. Be prepared, it's a lot!! :)

Night all


  1. I love my Sugar Rush collection. :)

    Also, I nominated you for the Leibster award. See my blog for details. :)

  2. Very pretty colors. I think this is the first time I've seen the full collection. Well done!

  3. Hi! I have tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! Here is my post where you have been tagged!

  4. What a cute skittle!!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out the details on my page.